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About Sausalito Nursery School

Founded in 1939, Sausalito Nursery School is one of the longest running cooperative preschools in the country. 

As a parent cooperative, Sausalito Nursery School affords parents and children the opportunity to participate together in the excitement and joy of the first years of learning. The students enjoy the best of both worlds: parent participation and professional guidance by a full teaching staff.

We believe education is best served when teachers, parents, children and families work together. We pride ourselves in providing children with a secure, comfortable and responsive environment, by respecting, accepting and encouraging each child’s independence and autonomy.

Sausalito Nursery School Play Yard

The Cooperative Experience

When a child is enrolled at Sausalito Nursery School, their parent(s)/guardian(s) become members of the cooperative. Guided by our bylaws and our Director of School, the cooperative members each serve on a governing committee selected according to preferences and individual expertise. From maintenance to finance, student enrichment to fundraising events, each family contributes something unique to our school ecosystem. 

Each family also contributes the time of a "co-oping parent" who volunteers in the classroom as a teaching aide on a rotating basis ( approx. once monthly), as well as participates in the maintenance and operations of the school. The concept of the "co-oping parent" connects our community in a truly special way. The students get to know and interact with their classmates' family members and the parents get to experience daily school life. 

The SNS cooperative experience truly special. Our students grow into the world feeling loved and supported by a diverse community group that is broader than the nuclear family. This builds confidence and a sense of true belonging at a very early age. Plus it's super fun for everyone involved! 

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