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SNS Graduation

Community Stewardship

Sausalito Nursery School is the second oldest co-op nursery school in the country. Founded in 1939, the school has provided an exceptional start to generations of children in Sausalito and Southern Marin. The school is a non-profit, tax exempt organization managed by the current families through their membership on the governing committees.  
Each year, SNS member families organize various fundraising efforts to supplement tuition and to continue to provide the best possible teachers, facilities, supplies and enrichment programs for the students. Each year our member families host a variety of fundraising events within our community, including The Annual SNS Scoot-a-thon, Sausalito Art Festival, and others! 

SNS Alumni

SNS Alumni and friends can keep up to date on all things SNS by subscribing to our new Quarterly Newsletter here 



Thank you! 

Your generous donations and annual pledges are tax deductible and are a fantastic way for friends, family members, our local community and alumni to support our beautiful school!  

If you have not yet, we ask you to please join us in celebrating the resilience of our Sausalito Nursery School and make your gift today here or on Venmo (@sausalitonurseryschool).
Your ongoing support helps keep us playing in paint, sand, music, books, water and most importantly in the wonderful world of children's play, creativity, and imagination.

Thank you for supporting SNS!

SNS is grateful for the generous support of our community contributors:

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